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large, tall staircase painted with artwork

The Tiled Steps of San Francisco

March 15, 2022

Just a half-hour’s drive from the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa, San Francisco boasts top-notch art, much of it free to view and some of it right underfoot. Among the several colorful, tiled staircases scattered across the city, the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps are the most famous. Located in the Golden Gate neighborhood, the mosaic covers 163 steps depicting the ocean at their base, then rising through various other habitats that culminate in a vibrant depiction of sky and sun. Standing on these steps, you can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean. A few blocks away at 15th Avenue and Kirkham Street, you’ll find the Hidden Garden Steps. Beautiful flowers and insects are depicted in the tiles of this 143-step staircase tucked between buildings and flanked by greenery. At 32nd Avenue between California Street and the Lincoln Park Golf Course, the Lincoln Park Steps feature a beaux arts-influenced design. Follow the steps to the golf course and continue along the trail to Lands End for an invigorating hike that leads to an impressive view of the Golden Gate Bridge.