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San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Fort Point: An Icon of Cinema, Architecture, and Military Ingenuity

August 05, 2022

Often cited as the greatest film of all time, Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo has three main characters: Scottie (Jimmy Stewart), Madeleine/Judy (Kim Novak), and the city of San Francisco itself. A devoted Hitchcock fan could spend days on a Vertigo tour of the city, but if we had to recommend just one iconic site, it would have to be Fort Point, which is where Madeleine shocks Scottie by throwing herself into San Francisco Bay in an apparent suicide attempt. Fort Point is not only an unforgettable setting in film history, though; it’s also a crucial part of military history. An exquisite specimen of Third System architecture, the fort that stands on the site was constructed in the 19th century to defend against a potential Confederate invasion. Visitors are welcome to explore the exterior of the fort every day of the week. Guided tours of the fort are also available. For more details, see the official Fort Point website.