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Lake with water fountains & autumn trees in the back

brown and white hawk standing on a branch

Conservation Adventures at the Lindsay Wildlife Experience

April 08, 2022

Founded in 1955 as the Diablo Junior Museum, the Lindsay Wildlife Experience became the nation’s first official wildlife hospital in 1970. Now located in an expansive 28,000-square-foot facility in Walnut Creek, the Lindsay Wildlife Experience continues its role as a leading wildlife rehabilitation center while also entertaining and educating visitors of all ages with an impressive range of on-site museum exhibits and off-site activities. Watch as expert veterinarians perform life-saving procedures on California wildlife, learn the complex social structure of a bee colony as you observe thousands of bees at work in the hive, marvel at the hawks and other raptors soaring through Raptor Redwood Grove, join a special Neon Scorpion Hike across Mount Diablo, and much more. The Exhibit Hall at Lindsay Wildlife Experience is open 10 am – 5 pm, Wednesday – Sunday. For more information on what to expect at the museum, see their website here.

Address: 1931 1st Ave, Walnut Creek, CA 94597