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aquarium with children looking into the glass

Astonishing Undersea Adventure at the Aquarium by the Bay

October 19, 2022

A half-hour by car from Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa, the Aquarium by the Bay attracts over half a million visitors each year from across the world, enticed by the extraordinary variety of Bay Area marine life on display. As you stroll through the glass tunnels, you’ll encounter sharks, skates, sturgeons, and much more. Marvel at the moon jellies wavering rhythmically in their 725-gallon tank, laugh at the playful river otters splashing and romping through their enclosure, and run your fingertips along the sleek skin of rays and the sea urchins’ spikiness at the touch pools. Our favorite residents of the aquarium, the giant pacific octopus typically grow to weigh around 50 pounds with an arm span of 14 feet. They can move objects weighing several hundred pounds, solve complex puzzles, and alter their texture and color to evade predators and express their moods. Since the Aquarium by the Bay is also a leader in aquatic conservation efforts, your patronage will not only provide you with hours of entertainment and education; it will also help to preserve the planet’s undersea ecology for generations to come.