Signature Treatments

Hot Stone Massage
50 Minutes - $120 | 80 Minutes - $160
Our most popular treatment combines the use of heated basalt stones and chilled marble applied to the body for an unforgettable experience. The dual temperatures work with the blood flow, cleansing vital organs. We suggest 80 minutes, which includes an extended massage.
Lafayette Garden Custom Blended Aromatherapy Massage
50 Minutes - $120 | 80 Minutes - $160
This aromatherapy massage is the epitome of personalized service. Your customized massage oil is individually blended to meet your specific needs, and then the oil used during your massage is bottled for a keepsake gift.
Couples Candlelight Massage
50 Minutes - $225 | 80 Minutes - $305
Enjoy massage therapy together amidst romantic candlelight and finish with a special treat.