Short and Sweet

Short on time but need a quick getaway to recharge? Choose one of our 30-minute treatments to provide the escape you crave that is sure to fit into your busy schedule.

Quick Fix Massage

30 Minutes - $65

Re energize with healing touch customized to your needs. Allow 30 minutes.

Touch of Magic Facial

30 Minutes - $65

Exfoliation, customized mask and moisturizer for a radiant skin! Allow 30 minutes.

Blossom Exfoliation

30 Minutes - $65

A blend of natural blossom essence are combined with marine salts and gently massaged into the body to remove dull surface skin cells and improve circulation. This exfoliation provides smoother, softer, and healthier skin.

Essensa Apricot Body Glow

30 Minutes - $65

Your body is first scrubbed with a delightful gel of apricot seed, aloe, soy and cornflower, followed by an enriched body lotion. Your skin will become soft and hydrated and you can indulge in the therapeutic effect. Recommended for sensitive skin.