Environmental Responsibility

The Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa is proud to be an active citizen in our community and conscientious stewards of our environment. Year after year, we have continued to build upon a comprehensive commitment to minimizing our hotels’ impact on the environment through a series of initiatives described below.

Starting well before being ecofriendly was popular, we began programs within our hotel, restaurant and spa to improve conservation and efficiency, and have been recognized as a leading business in this effort.  We have a comprehensive commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment, and our green philosophy has grown to become a core value of our company.   

Please see below for some key elements of our environmentally-friendly program.

Key Elements of Our Environmental Programs Include:

Water Conservation

Our showerheads have been replaced with low-flow technology and we have a comprehensive linen program that encourages guests to re-use their sheets and towels during their stay. This initiative has resulted in the reduction of our water usage and the energy needed for water heating, as well as decreased the quantity of wastewater.

Energy Conservation

We have a comprehensive program to turn off lights and appliances in all areas of the hotel and its facilities when not in use to conserve energy. The hotel uses compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs, instead of less efficient incandescent bulbs in guest rooms and public spaces.

Waste Reduction

The hotel has a comprehensive program to recycle both dry and wet garbage and food products. For the guestrooms, we separate and recycle trash at the housekeeping carts. The hotel uses recyclable, disposable products, and wherever possible, has eliminated foam products-including cups, bowls, plates and clamshell boxes. In addition, we recycle extensively throughout our back office operations.

Hazardous Material Recycling

The hotel has a program and appropriate recycling receptacles and containers for disposal of hazardous materials such as light bulbs, batteries and electronic parts.

Environmentally Responsible Fixtures and Appliances

The hotel has an ongoing program to replace old, wasteful fixtures (e.g. light bulbs, toilets, shower heads, faucets that allow more than 2 gallons/minutes throughput) and appliances (e.g. refrigerators and freezers, ice machines, washing machines and dryers, air conditioners, furnaces/heaters, and computers) with new efficient ones.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Air filters have been installed with High Efficiency Particulate (HEPA) filtration and we use vacuums designed to reduce microorganisms, dust and airborne pollutants. Whenever possible, we purchase cleaning agents that are environmentally-friendly and avoid harsh or harmful reactions, including non-perfumed and unscented laundry supplies carpet cleaners, cleaning supplies, and air fresheners. The hotel guest rooms also have operable windows that are part of a fresh-air exchange system within the hotel. Yes, we believe in fresh air!


In the year 2000, the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa was a pioneer in the United States in establishing a 100% no-smoking policy for all guestrooms and public spaces.

Use of Public Transportation

The hotel encourages public transportation utilizing the nearby BART station to which we provide free shuttle service. This service reduces air pollution and fuel consumption and provides a direct link to popular destinations such as Berkeley, San Francisco and the San Francisco International Airport.